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A Note from Gabrielle on Coaching…


Since kicking off my private coaching practice in 2018 (formerly Gabrielle Theresa Coaching and now part of Adirondack Mountain Retreats), I have helped many people take control of their lives and regain their sense of self. I have helped them develop self-love. I have helped them reconnect. I have helped them live healthier lives and have stronger relationships. I have helped them to discover their purpose, unveil their passion, and achieve their potential. I have helped sole proprietors bring their ideas into focus, and I have helped leaders build top performing teams, to strategize, and to thrive.

My work focuses mainly on helping people who are eager to take control of their minds and who are ready and willing to take healthy steps to make positive changes in their lives, wellbeing, careers, and companies. We will focus on the present, on positivity, and on accountability– and I will give you real wellness, life, career, leadership, and business skills you can use along the way. 


Holistic Life Coach

If we want to feel better, if we want to be more effective, if we want healthy boundaries, if we want more gratifying work, if we want to better manage our emotions, if we want to be prosperous, if we want better communication, if we want to build dynamite teams, if we want to be heart centered leaders, or if we just want to be better human beings than we were yesterday, then we need to take a hard look at ourselves because what we ultimately need then is to change our thought patterns. We need to think, feel and act in ways that produce different results and lead us to our best selves. Essentially, we need to retrain our minds.

If you are ready to begin and make the changes necessary for a better life, then contact me today and let’s get this journey started.

Coaching Programs

Holistic Life Coaching

If you struggle through stress & anxiety, relationship issues, health issues, career or financial troubles, or other emotional traumas, holistic life coaching can help facilitate healing on all levels.

As a holistic life coach, I provide you with the support and encouragement needed for real change to take place. By following the mind, body, and spirit connection, I will ask you thought provoking questions that release you from limiting beliefs and instead empower you to live authentically and to take control over your own well-being. Then, together, we set goals & create strategies to help move you towards the transformation you seek.  

Price: $135/session – inquire within for package discounts.

Business Coaching

I specialize in helping sole proprietors take an idea from dreams to reality, and helping small businesses evaluate their operational strategy. 

Using a holistic approach, we will dive deep into your business mind and create strategies that work and feel right for you, all while empowering you and providing you with the right tools along the way. Together, we will look in-depth at all facets of your operations and create strategic plans that will help you lead with heart and grow into a profitable business. 

If you are currently leading a team, we will work on heart centered leadership, pairing strategy with culture, and developing a workforce to be reckoned with.  

Price: $135/session – inquire within for package discounts.


“Gabrielle is an authentic human being. She is a true listener. I believe she can tap into your specific needs and help you become a better you. She has a wonderful energy about her and many life skills as well as experiences that give her the ability to help people move forward in their lives. I highly recommend her.” ~ Amy M.
“Gabrielle is a top professional who makes a huge positive impact while achieving high quality results.”  ~ Stephen W.
“Gabrielle is a life changer.  In the last six months, my life has dramatically changed because of my sessions. She has given me so many tools to better my life and most importantly has shown me the tools I already had within me. Gabrielle is a rock-star and I am so grateful for what she has done for me.” ~ Christine M.