A Note on Simplifying and Change.


A voice whispered in my ear, simplify-simplify-simplify; and I couldn’t help but listen to it.

I’ve been in business as Gabrielle Theresa Coaching since 2017, and in that time, I’ve helped an incredible amount of incredible people take control of their lives and make the changes needed to push them closer towards joy and success.

During this time, I’ve also went through some of my own major life changes. I moved across New York State, got married, found a shared passion with my husband in an industry neither one of us expected, raised 2 amazing puppies, made new lifelong friends, and went on a ton of adventures that brought me so much joy. I also have known grief and have lost a few people very close to me, have been far away from those I love the most, and dealt with the challenges of the pandemic like everyone else has. At times, making it look easy hasn’t always been the easiest.

And so when I made the decision to simplify and consolidate our businesses, it wasn’t the easiest decision. There is always that worry that lurks behind you that says, but I’ve put so much into this and its working the way it is, what if I change it and I fail?

Enter fear here.

The truth is, just like we evolve as human beings, we evolve as entrepreneurs. And me simplifying is exactly what I encourage my clients to do. So when you are feeling afraid, remember that change is a good thing, and if you aren’t changing- you aren’t evolving.

There is no room for not listening to yourself. There is no room for fighting evolution. There is no room for fear here.

So, I am beyond excited to announce that I’ve merged with our sister company, Adirondack Mountain Retreats, LLC, to consolidate and bring you everything you need in one place. All of my life coaching, business coaching, and wellness services are staying the same. The only difference is if you are a coaching client of mine, you will now receive a discount on any Adirondack Airbnbs that we cohost; and if you are a Host of a property that we manage, you will now receive a serious discount on any of my coaching or wellness services.

In the months to come, you will see an amount of amazing updates (think group retreat offerings, a new website, spin classes). Through our monthly motivational memo, you will still receive my thoughts about life itself, life and business tips, information with our latest news, and maybe even some wellness or adventure recommendations.

I hope this change leaves you feeling inspired, ready to simplify, and able to tackle all fear that comes your way.

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With Love,
Gabrielle Neidlinger
Owner – Life Coach – Reiki Master – Airbnb Co-Host
Adirondack Mountain Retreats, LLC.