Lessons from a child’s heart.

Lessons from a child's heart.

I was having a phone conversation with my 8 year old niece the other day, when she so casually said to me, Ok Aunt Gabrielle, let’s play a game. Tell me, what was your favorite thing that happened today, what was your least favorite, and what are you going to work to make better tomorrow?

I was stunned to say the least. She never fails to amaze me with her thought process, which sometimes seems more profound than some adults. With a beautiful curiosity that only children have, she is always unabashedly asking questions, wanting to know more, discover new places, and try new things. This child, who has suffered more than anyone I know, is also the strongest and most resilient human I know.  She is unafraid, unapologetic, and sings and dances to her own drum. She is also sharp as a tack.

This month as I lean in to the wisdom these little ones have for us, I’d like to encourage you to pay more attention and tap into (with a childlike curiosity) the children around you. What lessons are waiting for you? What inspiration can you take away from them? What are the favorite parts of your day, what are your least favorites, and what can you intentionally work on in hopes for a better tomorrow?

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Gabrielle Neidlinger
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